• The fee to complete the internet course and receive a certificate of completion is $36. The fee is the same for individual and married bankruptcies.
  • We also offer the course over the phone. The phone course fee is $45. If you have registered for the phone course and would like to switch to the internet course (or vice versa), please call us at 800-516-2759 to ensure your certificate generates properly.
  • If your spouse is deceased, please call us at 800-516-2759 before you begin the course so no problems arise with your registration.
  • If you would like to listen to an audio version of the internet course as you go through the internet course pages, you can pay for that at the beginning of the course. The fee is $4.95 per household and the service is optional. If you are vision-impaired, you can request this accommodation at no additional cost.
  • We provide free Spanish language bilingual assistance with the course over the phone at 800-516-2759.
  • The teachers of this course possess extensive knowledge in the areas of financial planning, bankruptcy, law, and education. Our teachers possess a doctoral degree, teaching credentials, and financial counseling experience.
  • It is our obligation to provide a certificate promptly to everyone upon course completion. We will send your certificate of completion within one business day of your completing the course, and usually immediately upon finishing. Individuals taking the internet course may print their certificates themselves upon course completion. Only individuals who have completed the course in its entirety will be able to obtain a completion certificate.
  • If you need to take the course as "power of attorney" for a spouse, please call us at 800-516-2759 so we can provide you with more information before registering for the course.
  • The course is offered to debtors without regard to ability to pay. If your household income is less than 150% of the poverty guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (see: https://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines), you will become eligible for a full or partial fee waiver. If you meet the poverty guideline requirement, but either of the following apply, you will receive a partial waiver of 20% off:
    1) Your income is sufficient enough such that you have paid or will pay more than $600 to an attorney or legal service to assist you with your bankruptcy case, or
    2) Your income is sufficient enough such that you spend more than $200 per month on non-necessary items.
    If you meet the poverty guideline requirement and neither of the above apply, you will be eligible for a full waiver. To obtain a full or partial waiver, please go to: https://www.sagepf.com/pdf/FeeWaiverForm.pdf, download the form, and email, fax, or mail it to us. In addition to the form, we require that you provide documentation of your income (e.g., recent pay stub, recent social security stub, etc.) We will respond to your request within three business days. (If you use a coupon code to receive a discount, the waiver amount will not be applied above and beyond the coupon code. The waiver amount will be applied toward the full price of the course.)
  • We do not pay or receive fees for referring debtor students to take this course.
  • We may be required to disclose debtor information to the U.S. Trustee in connection with the U.S. Trustee's oversight of our company's services, during an investigation of any complaints, during on-site visits, and during quality of service reviews. We do not disclose debtor information to any other third parties.
  • The U.S. Trustee has only reviewed our instructional course and has not reviewed or approved any other services we provide.
  • If you elect to have your certificate filed with the court, we will make every effort to do so within 1-2 days (or within 2 hours for rush filers). However, there will be rare instances when the court electronic filing system is down, the information provided by the registrant does not match the information in the court docket, or some other issue arises and it may take a little longer to file the certificate. We will still make every effort to file the certificates as promptly as humanly possible.
  • We are not affiliated with nor do we receive endorsements from any companies mentioned in this course.
  • There is no fee to have us file your certificate(s) with the court within 1-2 days. There is a $14.95 fee to have us file your certificate(s) within two hours. Both the regular filing and rush filing services are optional.

Refund Policy
We offer a 100% money-back guarantee (up until issuing our certificates). If requested to do so, we will provide refunds according to the following guidelines:

  1. If a student debtor pays for the course and does not start the course or completes any part of the course up until generating his/her certificate, a full refund will be issued.
  2. If a student debtor completes the course and a certificate is issued, no refund will be provided.

If you have questions, please call us at: 800-516-2759 or email us at: customerservice@sagepf.com